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Is this the time to fix what is broken?

Is this the time to fix what is broken?

Start a new hobby?

Today is March 27, in my house it means it is 3 days from Butch’s birthday (our 8-year-old Pitbull mix). In Texas, spring has sprung, we never really got a winter, not in south Texas. Most of us likely have turned on the heat 10 times average over the last few months. We missed my niece’s birthday party Saturday because it was cancelled due to the Covid-19 precautions. The reality is by now, most of us realize everything is different, we are abstaining from interacting with other people; for my son and I, it means no jump parks, no zoo, no museums, nothing but grocery runs and home. Hopefully you are practicing social distancing with someone you love, be they pets, children, family or a friend. Before we allow ourselves to get too comfortable, or too stressed out; we should start making lists. Think about what necessities are essential and gathering those together asap. Think about what your daily routine was, and what things must continue to keep a sense of continuance in your home. Don’t start letting your self or your house go. Stay on top of things, and making lists helps to do that. But also consider what has been long overdue. What has needed your attention and ended up falling between the cracks of “what’s most important,” (work, children, etc.) and make a list of that. What about family? What about calling people you know you should call? What about friendships you simply haven’t had the time to maintain?

This is a good time to start making lists.

In a list, you may put down things you may still choose to delay. But put them on the list.

Let’s consider a look inward. What are some issues about yourself you have been meaning to address? Do you need a haircut? Take a chance and do it yourself, hey no one’s gonna see you for a while right? What else is there? In my case this would be a great time to finally quit smoking cigarettes. I have before, but it is one of those things that comes and goes depending on how busy I am. If you have a lot of time on your hands, what about writing letters? Would now be a good time to write letters we always meant to send? Is now a good time to reach out to someone we know we should talk to? 1st let us get our minds in the right place. We must be at peace and in a state of understanding of our situation, certainly watching cable news today is quite terrifying, it only keeps us worried. But how much can we worry? What good does it produce, worrying? I suppose it might inspire you to action, but definitely find a way to do something different, out of the normal routine you have been accustomed to.

Is now a good time to examine what we really know? Is now a good time to seek knowledge, read, finish a book left unfinished. I encourage you to read, and if you haven’t read your Bible in a while, hey read it too!

I study theology and scripture daily, it is a gift God gave me to provide a purpose for me and it has been amazing, but I know not everyone has the same experiences. But ask your self that question: has God been trying to reach me? Has God been trying to encourage me to do something he wants me to do? Think about it.

What ever you choose to think about, understand this: worrying is a waste of time, energy and of our lives. A total waste of valuable days, hours, minutes and valuable seconds. Rejoice now! Why???? Because you are alive, reading my blog, no less.

Life is good. Peace and Love, Arnie K. Palyola



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