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Reflection: For the Love of God

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

How long has God been calling me or you? All of our lives. The moment we are given life by God into this world, the moment we are born into a life, into our mother's womb and then into her arms, God rejoices in another one of his children. We belong to our parents, we are given as a gift to them, a gift by God. He is the Creator of all things, life is a gift, and so we are born into this world, bound to a family and a community. Life is a gift. Men and women can fall in love and get married and when they choose to have children, they can. If you want a car, you have to buy it, someone else designed it, organized the factory and the technology, designed it to be beautiful and catch our eye- and therefore we can have the car if we can purchase it at a cost. But it is just a car, it pales in comparison in all it's beauty to a child. One might agree that to have a child, it only takes love, of two people to bring a child into this world but one could not do that without God. He is the designer, he manufactured and designed you to be the perfect creation, a human being in design is an astounding work of technology. That he designed all living things to be "fruitful and multiply" are a gift from God and by this we know he is a good God. So life is free, but know this we always belong to him, everything that is good in God's creation, everything you can know and feel and see and smell that is good is His. At the end of our lives, even if we have not accepted Jesus Christ, even if we have denied God, even if we run from his call, we still belong to him.

I am so grateful that I stopped running from God, that I stopped ignoring his voice, and surrendered my life to him because it has only made my life better. To deny God is to be in the bondage of our will, a slave to our perception and presuppositions and that is misery. It has only given my life more meaning, it has become a life in sync with his purpose for me, and it has made me realize how much he loves us all. I love him too. Every breath is a blessing I thank him for. Every day and every moment in my life today is a blessing, filled with a higher appreciation of the beautiful things, no matter what the temporal things are doing in contrast to the greater goodness of God's creation. It can seem that our lives go on forever but they do not, it is God's wish for us that we cherish every single day, every single moment with the love that he has for us. The things that hurt us in this life, the things in our bodies that ache, and become susceptible to disease are the temporal things, because if we are focused on the Love of God, another gift from God- then this pain only serves to remind us that our lives were a gift to begin with. When we are in the fullness of our awareness of God's love and gifts, we can truly see a car is not beautiful at all. Men were not born with more than they needed, the things of modern man ultimately have an effect of making us think "we need them," but trust me, we are mobile, we have been designed to perform wonderfully as made evident by the gymnast, the runner, the power lifter and all athletes. God designed the perfect world, he gave us this earth as a gift, but mankind has really put a strain on this perfect earth, God's creation. Listen for God, he is calling you, in love and for love and as your Heavenly Father to his child, for the Love of God.



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