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"The Letter to Romans is central to the Christian faith.

Here are just a few videos I produced for HBU summer session" -Arnie

Romans 7:7-7:25

A dramatic reading of Romans 7:7-25

directly inform us of the problem of sin that is inherent in our beings, and in knowing the commandments of the mosaic law, of which we are taught at a young age, we can then know our sin. And knowing our sin, we are despaired and shamed as Adam and Eve were shamed by their sin. As Paul evidently was, yet, God makes a way in Christ to be redeemed of our sinful nature.

Romans 8:31-39

A reflection on Romans 8:31-39

Paul illuminates most specifically God’s everlasting and unchanging love for humanity and creation in the verses of 8:31 through 8:39

a dramatic reading of Romans 14

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