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Don't let another minute be wasted on worry.

How does time go by so quickly?

Have you addressed the sources of anxiety and frustration? No?

Then these must be your goals for 2020. I am not saying I have perfected these skills, but I can tell you that I cannot complain for I am so blessed. In 2017, I felt compelled to study Christianity and The Bible online with Grand Canyon University. I didn't graduate high school, I spent thirty years performing in biker bars and every place that would pay my band to perform. I made it my life. I rarely read a book.

Then one stormy night I asked God to take control of my life and never let me go. He did. He led me to my Christian biker friends, I was baptized, I did ministry with them. I stayed close to God as best as I could. I asked him to heal relationships in my life, and so many amazing things happened over the last few years.

Even when I let myself down or others, God has not ever let me down. Please believe me.

I kept asking for the right things, and he gave them to me one by one. God's blessings, gifts, will come with responsibility, but he is always there to carry us through our most difficult times. In 2018, I asked God to help me with my children. I said "Father, if you don't help me with this, maybe, I am supposed to join ministry in the middle east, to help Christians rebuild their communities in war torn countries." I meant it too. But he changed everything in my life in 2019. Today, I am struggling with some health issues, sometimes I try to do it all, I forget it is ok to ask others for help. But the life I am living now is like a dream come true and only God could have made these things happen for me. I am so grateful. Believe in him, trust in him and wait for him. Please write me if you need to talk, I love to talk about the wonderful things God has done for me and can do for you. I am now studying theology in Houston at Houston Baptist University at 54 years old. What a blessing. I gave my heart, mind and soul to him and he has filled them and my time with his purpose for me.

I believe whole heartedly. You should too.



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